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8/25/22 Carfagna’s Ladies Night Out with Sugar & Spice

From SugarFrom Spice
Hi there, I’m Sugar!

I had the honor of being a guest at Cock & Bull’s weekly adventure! We went to Carfagna’s Restaurant on Gemini Place to celebrate Spice’s Birthday! (Our other guest dinner date). 

Hello – Spice here!

I have not had a chance to go to Carfagna’s since they relocated to their new Polaris location and when Bull recommended it for dinner, I eagerly looked forward to finally going there. How could I refuse a belly full of Italian food, fab wine, and chill live music from Honey & Blue? For a belated celebration of my birthday? Yes, please!
It was retail wine night. We each ordered a bottle of wine from the retail shop with little/or not so little help from the resident sommelier. I ordered an alcohol free Cabernet because #babyonboard. It wasn’t too bad, but I must say the ‘Fre’ brand is much better tasting. 

We then settled in with our vino, good conversation and ordered apps. We enjoyed the fried mozzarella and calamari. Both yummy! The marinara sauce was amazing and I liked the sweet and sour sauce that came with the calamari. Mmm Mmmm. Another pro was when the jazz duo Honey & Blue started playing their acoustic set! They were fantastic!! I mean who doesn’t love a little live music now and then?! I ordered the Margarita Stromboli for dinner. It was delish as well (but I must say was not too good heated up for lunch the next day). It was a little over cooked on the sides but I received more of that marinara sauce so I was a happy girl! 

Some more cons. Our server was super nice when she was attentive to us but there were long periods in between her checking on us and I had to ask for my to-go side of Marinara 3 times. We were still enjoying our company and the music so it want that big of a deal but still…The ‘left’ women’s bathroom was also out of TP in the stall I choose. Darn it! #dripdry, But the sink and overall bathroom was nice and clean! 

Lastly, We finished off the evening (we closed the place down in true fashion!) with two birthday desserts. Mmmm Sugar likey!! Tiramisu (literally melted in your mouth) and a slice of raspberry almond cake (just as tasty)! Cock surprised us with some rose’ bubbles (I only had a taste I promise). I took note of that brand and will def be ordering that again post babe! 

Overall, I’d be back to this place. The venue is decorated nice. It’s large and spacious, had a huge bar in the middle and the added option of the retail shop and grocery is a plus. The company wasn’t bad either! Lots of laughs shared. Thanks for having me #cock&bull! 

Fun night with the gals!
The place: When I first walked in I noted how spacious it is. So spacious I wasn’t sure where to go first and totally missed any sign saying it was retail wine night (hey what?). The location is large enough for a big box store but subdivided into areas for a restaurant, grocery, and wine & spirits that are all interconnected. Which also can make a person pause in confusion when entering for the first time. 

Okay, the food rundown:
Appetizers: Yummy breaded mozzarella wedges and fried calamari w/vegetable and sweet (and spicy!) chili sauce. Exactly what you’d expect after reading the names of each.

Dinner: I decided to go with one of the namesake dishes, “The Carfagna Stromboli” because when in Rome – or in this case, a place in Columbus with a rich history, go with something the owner feels is good enough to slap the family name on it – you try it. The Stromboli was stuffed with salami, capicola, banana peppers and tomatoes, served with the house sauce on the side. It may have been baked a wee bit too long, but I really enjoyed the crispy dough crust which held up well even as a leftover the next day. And there was a slight hint of peppery spice (!) to it. I’d get it again but want to try another namesake next time I go.

Wine: There is a sommelier on staff, but didn’t get a favorable impression of his enthusiasm level.  

Last take on the outing: Looking for a romantic and intimate Italian dinner? Keep on moving because this is NOT the place. Want some tried and true classic American-Italian dishes in a family-friendly, room for the kids to run around, or the ability to grocery shop and have a night out at the same time? Ding – you found it.

I’ll be back, maybe for Mafia Movie Night because that could get spicy.

#cock&bull #sugar&spice #itailiancuisine #wine&dine #carfagnas #getspicy

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