A Good-ale Rooftop Time on the Bad Balcony

From the CockFrom the Bull
Turn Ons:
Happy Hour (M-F 4-7pm, 40%)
Hotel + Rooftop Bar
Service by Dustin
Turn Ons:
They mean business with their happy hour
Rooftop location means elevated experience
Great service from the Waiter
Turn Offs:
Highway View
Missing the sunset
Turn Offs:
There is a ‘bad balcony’
Tuna tartare was too salty
Location signage
You know I love a big bar, but did you know I have a thing for hotel bars? I have always wanted to visit all the sneaky little hotel bars in Columbus. I love to travel so visiting these hidden gems makes me feel like I am in another city or on a trip vacationing. Yes, sometimes the pricing can be more and yes, the service is not all that great but Goodale Station on the 12th floor of The Canopy is a little different.

I’ve had my eye on this spot for a couple years as they started construction and as I started seeing all the social media photos rolling in of the gorgeous view at happy hour. Bull and I added this to the list because, as we both returned from our last summer vacations, we had to take advantage of another gorgeous 80-degree day in Ohio before Fall.

I made OpenTable reservations and requested a sunny rooftop view. We got the highway shaded view on the, as Bull describes “bad balcony”. I should have been more assertive with the Hostess as she barely greeted us and walked us outside. The view was not great but seeing the city in all its light is still appreciated. AKA, they have a great happy hour so that made up for it.

Our server was welcoming and gave us all the details. His timing helped us catch up from our trips while getting a younger perspective since Bull’s daughter joined us. I started with a Paloma from the HH menu, because I was in a summer mood. I am not a big fan of soda in my tequila, but it was refreshing and tasty. It paired nicely with the Chef’s Snack on the HH menu which was queso & chorizo – can you say fundido?? Well, kinda, but rooftop style. The queso was very good and the chip to dip ratio was perfect! I ordered a Sangria next and although they were a tad sweet, they were perfectly balanced with Grey Goose. For dinner I switched to a New Zealand sauvi, also on the HH menu.

Let’s talk about my food issues, I have a few food allergies and I hate having to ask for modifications so going to fancy foodie restaurants can be a challenge. Please note this for future adventures. I noticed the sharable Szechuan Beef & Broccolini which I wouldn’t have to modify. Our server was quick with a suggestion to add rice for a more dinner like option. Perfect! I know I know Bull should be ordering beef, but it sounded delicious and again – food issues. The dish was outstanding – so much that I made my own this week for meal prep. I shared a little with Bull and we both agreed it was fantastic! A little spicy kick balanced with the Ohio raised beef and broccolini – yum!
We enjoyed a glass of wine while watching the sun set on the city – or so we assumed because we really couldn’t see the sun actually setting.

I try to do a bathroom check whether I have go or not, that is my restaurant manager past life coming out, and as I walked past the host stand she seemed irritated that I asked for directions to the bathroom. I hate that. Even though everything else was wonderful – her demeanor stuck with me as we exited and still today. Maybe that’s the vibe but, this is Columbus, Ohio we are friendly and if that is the last impression it really should be good and not forced.

I will go back, and I know someone who might be interested in a cocktail or two on the good balcony or at the pretty bar. I will also wonder if Dustin still has my red pen, a gift from one server to another.

I love a view and I love eating and drinking, so a rooftop restaurant was the perfect choice for Cock & Bull’s next weekly adventure! Finding this place was a challenge, but if you love urban atmospheres, this is the hidden location that is worth the find.

Located on the 12th floor of the Canopy Hotel, this little hotel bar/restaurant is a great find, especially if you’re looking to appreciate your city and have affordable happy hour drinks (40% off until 7pm people!) Unfortunately, I didn’t realize there was ‘a balcony’ and then an additional, much cooler balcony until halfway through dinner. I guess I’ll have to go back to the cool balcony for happy hour one day after work.

Sitting on the highway side balcony – “the bad balcony” – the only thing you can see is car exhaust, and Abbott (as you can tell in the picture, haha!) But, that’s ok, the 40% off drinks helped ease my eyeballs. Tonight, I whine…I chose wine this gorgeous night, it just seemed like the perfect accompaniment to being in an elevated state, outdoors during the last days of summer. Nothing fancy or special, but the sauvignon blanc hit the spot.

I have to give the Chef credit for his fun appetizer. We did order their queso dip (we loved the Fundido dip at Highbank, after all) and although it was fairly different, it was still delicious, as evidenced by the photo of the empty bowl. Oops, we dove in and forgot to take a ‘before’ picture. 🙂 Cock chose the only beef dinner on the menu (which was delightful, see her post) and I’m weird about ordering the same thing as other people (don’t ask, I don’t know why) so I went out of my normal zone of comfort and ordered the tea smoked duck breast served with niçoise salad, dried tomato, and green goddess vinaigrette. The duck didn’t knock my socks off, but it was still tasty. But, I couldn’t enjoy a salad more – oh my the salad! I truly could have had a much larger niçoise salad. The addition of the dried tomato (which, admittedly I thought might have been a fermented pepper – shows you what I know…) made the salad even tangy-er (tangier?) It literally popped in my mouth. I love tart, moist things and it was the perfect addition to the fresh green goddess dressing. I might have to buy the things to make my own salad – I forgot how much I love a good niçoise.

I will add that although we aren’t asking for a guest post, the Little Bull went to dinner with us and her company was both unexpected and entirely refreshing (the orange drink in the photo is a mocktail called Bee in Your Bonnet for her.) She had the tuna tartar and it was tar too salty (misspelling intended.) Maybe it was the roe that pushed it over the edge, but sushi-grade tuna is delicious as is, don’t mess with it too much, please.

The conversation between Cock, Bull and Little Bull was delightful and entertaining. I love my Little Bull and her perspective and opinions are always enchanting. Oh, and I learned she’s taking her first vacation without a parental figure next summer – send me good vibes people, this mama is freaking out a little.

Overall I would say, go to Goodale Station! Sit on the cool balcony (the one we were not on) and order happy hour drinks and snacks. If a main course entrances you, go for it – they are very flavorful and fresh.

I had a good-dale time at Goodale Station.

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