FUNdidio Times at High Bank

First we would like to say, welcome to this new adventure we have begun! If you’re reading this first blog post, you’re either friend or family so this one’s for you ❤

We’ll start off with 3 things we liked and 3 things that didn’t hit the mark.

From the CockFrom the Bull
Turn Ons:
– Service with a Real Smile
– A Big Bar
– Queso Fundido
Turn Ons:
– Friendly Service
– Queso Fundido
– Smoky Tequila Paloma Cocktail
Turn Offs:
– Forced Valet Parking
– Sad prosecco bubbles
– Pub Table Chairs
Turn Offs:
– Sloppy joe with no sloppy (or was it missing joe?) 
– Parking lot won’t support size of restaurant
– Making customer pay for valet when it’s your
fault in the first place there’s no where to park
Sit down and sip on this…because everything sounds good with a cocktail.
First things first – $7 valet parking or circle the lot until someone leaves. Not a great way to start our visit at High Bank Distillery Co. but considering the location it was not something that would make or break my experience. It still gets added to the negatives list though.
If you know me, you know I love a good bar experience. I was a bartender for several years and continue to serve my friends and family as the token slinger of booze.
The bar High Bank is U shaped and rather large. The seats were comfy – way more comfortable than the pub table we sat at. The bartenders were very attentive and the other patrons were friendly. We had plenty of cocktail choices and a short list of beer and wine. I chose the “Churn Down For What” cocktail which combined their brown butter Whiskey War and a mixed berry reduction over crushed ice, garnished with a red grape sandwiched between blueberries > Insert questionable eyebrow here. Although it didn’t inspire me to get second it wasn’t terrible.
Bull & I decided to share a Queso Fundido – because why not. I love a queso fundido and have often thought about writing a queso fundido column – reviewing every single queso fundido in town – but I regress. The Queso Fundido was very good. For dinner I paired the Primavera with the only prosecco on the menu which arrived in a stemless wine glass. Needless to say my bubbles looked sad – they like to be up to see things. Glass wear is a thing with me. Serve me cocktail in an amazing glass and watch me go! It can change a whole experience. And if I am paying $10 for glass I’d like it in flute or coupe the way bubbles deserve to served.
Bull & I discussed the future over dinner and gave our opinions. We have similar back grounds with the business and it was nice being able to point things out without feeling I may be ruining someone’s experience – because Bull gets it!
The service staff was delightful and even felt genuine which if you have worked in the business you know. The restroom could have used a little love and I always pass the feedback along if it does.
I think I would definitely go back – first date at the bar? Drinks with cutie? Or maybe a little fundido with snack…I mean as a snack. Haha. I want to discover a few other menu options, like their pizza and maybe a couple other cocktails.
Bull and I will have to set out on a Happy Hour (3-6 M-F) Adventure, very soon!
OK, to the meat of the matter, since that’s what I’m all about!
My first impression of High Bank Distillery Co. was basically in awe that the parking lot was over capacity (like, parking in the grass type of over capacity.) Not one place to park for us – total Bull-shit.
Then they insult you by charging you $7 for a valet to park your car. I wasn’t feeling it when I walked through the door.
But then, as we walked in there was a delicious smell of what we thought was charred meat, smoky, lingering, mouthwatering. The hostess was very sweet and welcoming. We started with a drink at the bar, and I’m glad we did! I ordered the bartender’s choice which was a smoked jalapeno paloma (picture included.) While the presentation could have been better – I mean, it’s a production that ends in a big puff of smoky air (hence the smell, by the way) but he just set it in front and didn’t warn me – photo opp missed, haha. The drink by itself wasn’t interesting to look at, but it was delicious. 
We chatted up our waitress once we were sat and ordered up some FUNdido! 100% worth every calorie by the way, it’s a great start. It was gooey, salty, chorizo-y (word? It is now) and overall they slayed that app. For dinner, I ordered their beef cheek sloppy joe. You may not know this but I am a self-proclaimed burger-chaser. I’ll go investigate a good burger in every town I’m in. Love the adventure and all the different taste restaurants attempt in their effort to stand out. So, I stayed with the beef theme (hence me being ‘Bull’) and ordered up some good old fashioned red meat. Sadly, this dish did not perform right outta the gate. I’m not sure what you’re used to, but a sloppy joe should be presented with some tomatoey sauciness and meat that falls off the bun. Well, I got the meat that fell off the bun – no sauce. Boo. I was hoping for something that would compliment the dry chunks of beef that were sitting in the bun under the smoked cheddar cheese. Maybe a fire roasted, smoky, chunky tomato sauce (not ketchup – gross.) Nope. The overall taste was ok, but not great. It was a bit too dry for my enjoyment.
The bartender, hostess and server were all attentive and the atmosphere was vibrant and age-appropriate for us (this is increasingly important to me, I have no idea why – maybe because I’m single and wanting to mingle…?) The Cock(tails) were yummy and the Bull (beef dish) was mediocre. The menu has potential and I will be back (I won’t be the driver though.)
Overall, this restaurant has HIGH potential as long as they don’t BANK on customers being OK with the parking situation.

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